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Riding lessons run at various times from Monday thru Saturday. We ride year round.

Classes are offered to the beginner, intermediate and advanced riders in both English and Western riding styles.

Current Rates

  • 1 Group lesson - Please contact for pricing.
  • 1 private lesson is $65.00 (GST Included)

Please phone Loretta @ 780.464.0447 or Kim @ 780.909.5802 to book a lesson time.

All riders are expected to wear an approved riding helmet and proper boot with heels.

Note: We do have riding helmets available for first time riders, but regular students need purchase their own helmets and boots. New Students are required to complete a waiver form before riding.

General Waiver Form for Lessons


What can you expect to learn in your lessons?

Beginner Level

  • Horse Sense
  • Safety Rules and Reasons
  • Horse Care and Handling
  • Parts of the Horse and Saddle


  • Mounting and Dismounting
  • Basic seat and hand position
  • Western Reins and English Reins
  • Basic Aids

Horse Control:

  • Start
  • Stop
  • Turn
  • Basic Figures


  • Control at the Trot
  • Sitting the trot
  • Half Seat
  • Posting the trot
  • Exercises on horseback
  • Trail Riding
  • Rider Confidence and Relaxation

Intermediate Level

  • Horsemanship Theory
  • Care and Handling of your horse
  • Horse breeds and colors


  • Adjusting your tack
  • Balance of horse and rider

Basic gates:

  • Learn to canter or lope
  • Posting the correct diagonal
  • Introduction to Jumping
  • Western Patterns
  • Trail Riding
  • Artifical Aids
  • Natural Aids
  • Improving your seat
  • Transitions
  • Leads at the canter or lope
  • Schooling figures
  • Games on Horseback

Advanced Level

  • Advanced Theory
  • Horse care and handling
  • Selecting an appropriate horse

Advance Horsemanship:

  • Lightness
  • Co-ordination of the aids
  • Suppleness, Calmness, Relaxation, Rythym
  • Balance, Collection, Extention

Western Horsemanship:

  • Aids and Cues
  • Performance Skills
  • Gymkana

English Horsemanship:

  • Flexion, Bending
  • Lead Changes
  • Lenghtening and Shortening of stides
  • Leg Yielding
  • Basic Dressage


  • Gymnastics
  • Grids
  • Combinations
  • Cross Country



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